The Biggest Tech Gadgets Of 2018

If you’re interested in purchasing new tech gadgets for yourself and your home, simply continue reading to discover some of the biggest tech gadgets of 2018. All of which are well worth splashing out on!

Biggest Tech Gadgets of 2018:

1. The Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

The Fitbit Alta is the most high-tech Fitbit to date and is capable of tracking your workouts, how many steps you take each day, how many calories you burn, how many hours sleep you get per night and how many flights of stairs you climb. The Fitbit Alta also features a built-in heart rate monitor, which is helpful if you want to maintain a heart rate, during a workout which will increase the number of calories which you’ll burn. As a bonus, you can also receive text messages on your Fitbit Alta.

2. The GoPro Hero5 Black

If you enjoy adventurous activities such as mountain biking, kayaking, and snowboarding, you may want to invest in a brand new GoPro Hero5 Black. As it capable of being immersed in water to depths of 33 feet, without needing a waterproof case and can take 4k videos and 12MP photos. Even if you choose to shoot high definition 4k videos, you’ll be able to shoot 60-90 minutes of videos, before your GoPro runs out of battery.

3. The Philips SmartSleep

The Philips SmartSleep is an innovative wearable headband, which you wear to bed, which emits a tone which is scientifically proven to improve your body’s ability to enter slow wave sleep. A stage of sleep in which your brain waves start to slow down, which allow your body to recuperate faster and enter a deeper stage of sleep.

If you’re not impressed yet, you may be impressed by the fact that the Philips SmartSleep boasts two unique sensors, one which notes when your body enters deep sleep.

4. Proof

Proof is a discreet high-tech bracelet which can measure your blood alcohol levels and will alert you if you’ve drunk too much alcohol to safely drive home, on a night out.

5. Nutale

Nutale is set to become one of the world’s smallest GPS trackers and will make tracking valuable items such as your smartphone, wallet, and keys a breeze. Better yet each Nutale device is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and boasts an impressive 30-day battery life. Which is perfect, if you can’t be bothered to charge your GPS tracker on a weekly basis.

6. Kuri

If you love the functionality of Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa but would prefer your home assistant to look like a traditional robot, you may be interested in purchasing Kuri, the world’s latest loveable robot. Not only can Kuri complete all of the tasks which Alexa can handle such as being able to schedule appointments and play music but Kuri can also zoom around your home as your friendly robotic companion.

So if you love purchasing the latest and greatest tech gadgets, it’s well worth purchasing at least a couple of the innovative tech gadgets listed above!

Big Marketing Tips To Put Into Action!

If you aim to attract brand new customers, it’s well worth putting new marketing strategies into action. If you’re interested, simply continue reading to discover a few big marketing tips, which will increase your customer base and your profit margin.

Big Marketing Tips To Put Into Action:

1. Reward your past customers for their business by offering exclusive gifts or offers

One way to convince past customers to spend their money with your business again is to send your past customers free samples or to send them an email, with an exclusive percentage discount off their next purchase.

2. Offer free gifts with purchase

You may want to run an advertising campaign, which promises customers a free gift with every purchase over a minimum amount. As most individuals can’t resist a free gift. If you’re interested in this particular idea, you may want to advertise your free gifts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

3. Consider paying popular social media influencers to promote your goods or services

If your business’ social media accounts have a limited amount of followers and likes, you may want to consider reaching out to popular social media influencers, who will be able to promote your business, in exchange for a one-off payment. Just be sure to pick influencers such as bloggers and vloggers whose personal brand fits your brand.

As an example, if your business is an online boutique which sells trendy clothes, jewelry and accessories, it’s well worth reaching out to fashionistas who boast tens of thousands of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook friends and followers. As if they post photographs of your products on their popular social media accounts, your products and business will be exposed to an audience of thousands of potential new customers.

If you’re keen on this particular idea, you may want to give your chosen blogger a unique code, which they can give to their followers. Which will give their followers a small 10% discount on their first purchase.

4. Hire a booth at an applicable trade fair or expo

One way to promote your business to book a booth at a local trade fair or expo. As an example, if your business sells jewelry, you may want to book a booth at a wedding expo or at a women’s expo. Whilst if your business sells travel related products such as luggage, you may want to attend as many travel expos as you can, in order to expose your products to new customers.

Also make sure to provide booklets which feature your top selling products as well as business cards, so potential customers can make their first online order at their own convenience. As in today’s day and age most individuals will want to conduct their own online research, before making a purchase.

5. Consider giving your website an overhaul

One way to encourage visitors to your website is to pay for a professional web designer to overhaul your primary website.

So if you’re interested in overhauling your marketing strategies, make sure to implement at least a couple of the fool proof techniques listed above.

5 Ways To Invest Your Money!

Unfortunately, if you leave the bulk of your money in a long-term savings account, you’re likely to make 2% interest per year on your bank balance. So if you’d like to find more lucrative ways to double your money, continue reading to discover 5 smart ways to invest your money.

5 Ways to Invest Your Money:

1. Consider purchasing shares in reputable index funds

If you’re looking to invest funds in a low to medium risk form of investment, you may be interested in purchasing shares in index funds. Index funds purchase shares from a wide variety of companies, which decreases your risk as if one or more companies experience a crash in stock price, you won’t lose all of your investment. So if you’re looking to dabble in the stock market for the first time, it’s well worth experimenting with investing in reputable index funds.

2. Consider purchasing cryptocurrency shares

In recent years countless investors have made phenomenal profits by becoming early adopters of high profile cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. If you’re not afraid of a bit of risk, you may want to consider investing a small proportion of your disposable income, into purchase cryptocurrency shares. If possible purchase your shares when the share price of your chosen cryptocurrency has taken a dip. As ideally, you’ll want to purchase your shares for a low price and sell them when they double in value.

3. Consider purchasing stocks in well known, international companies

Alternatively, you may be interested in investing your hard earned money in purchasing stocks from international companies who have performed well in the past 5 years. Examples of which include Apple stocks, Amazon stocks, and Ali Baba stocks. Before making a sizeable investment, just ensure to see how the stocks you’re interested in purchasing have performed over the past 2 years.

4. Think about investing capital in purchasing gold or silver

If you’d prefer to invest your capital into a tangible product, rather than intangible products such as virtual cryptocurrencies, which are kept in digital wallets, you may want to consider investing in gold or silver. As while gold and silver stocks occasionally take a price dip, in the long term gold and silver always increases in price as there is a limited, finite amount of gold and silver in the world. So gold and silver will become more scarce with each year that passes.

5. Consider becoming a stakeholder in a start-up business

If you have a knack for business and for calculating whether a business venture is likely to be profitable, you may want to consider becoming a stakeholder in a start-up business, which requires capital. Just be sure to choose a company whose vision you share and which boasts hard-working, innovative owners, who are determined for their business to succeed.

If you’re able to provide a business which you’re interested in becoming part of with valuable skills or advice, you may even be able to negotiate a higher percentage stake in the business, which you’re interested in!

So if you’re determined to use your savings in order to set yourself up for an early retirement, it’s well worth investing in some of the lucrative ideas listed above.

How to Take Your Business To The Next Step Revealed!

If your business’ growth has stagnated and you’re interested in fast-tracking your business’ success, continue reading to discover 6 helpful tips, which will help take your business to the next level!

How to Take Your Business to the Next Step:

1. Consider whether or not you require investors to take your business to the next level
If your future business plans require more capital than you can provide, you may want to consider offering a small percentage of your business to investors who can provide your business with the cash flow it needs to grow. Just ensure that you retain the majority of your business,
2. Regularly meet with other business owners
Most cities offer meetups for businessmen and women who are keen to discuss their businesses with each other. Such meetings are often beneficial because you’ll be able to learn from the mistakes and successes of your fellow businessmen and women and you’ll have an opportunity to run your future business ideas past individuals with plenty of business experience.
3. Use a consumer survey in order to understand, how you could better serve your clientele

Instead of making assumptions about the changes which your customers may like to see, it’s well worth compiling a short consumer survey, which will give your loyal long-term customers a chance to tell you exactly what changes they’d like to see.

As an example, your client base may request a new product, which you may not have considered adding to your product list. Or you clients may like to see changes made to your customer loyalty program.

4. Try to diversify your product range in order to attract new customers
One way to attract brand new clients is to diversify your product range or list or services. As an example, if your business specializes in selling jewelry pieces, you may be able to attract new clients by looking into the possibility of manufacturing stylish watches. Alternatively, if you run a cafe, you may want to consider differentiating your business by selling local artwork, which you can display on your cafe’s walls.
5. Harness the power of social media in order to promote your business

Contrary to popular belief you don’t need a huge marketing budget, in order to expose your business to new customers. Instead, create social media pages for your business in order to drive traffic to your business’ website.

You may also want to consider purchasing Facebook advertisements which will be targeted to your target audience.

6. Start to offer limited edition products
One way to convince your customers to part with their hard earned money is to start to offer limited edition products. Which they’ll have to order quickly, or face missing out. As it’s human nature to want to own limited edition pieces, which will help individuals stand out from the crowd. Perhaps, start off by offering one limited edition piece in order to see how it sells!
So if you’re focused on taking your business to the next step, it’s well worth following the six tips listed above in order to fast track your business’ growth.

6 Lifestyle Hacks To Help You Build A Workable Closet!

If you’re looking for helpful lifestyle hacks which will help you build a workable closet on a budget, simply continue reading to discover 6 lifestyle hacks, which will help you achieve your goal.

6 Lifestyle Hacks to Help You Build a Workable Closet:

1. Consider using an unused spare bedroom as a makeshift walk-in wardrobe

If you have an unused spare bedroom, you want to consider clearing out your bedroom so that it can serve a spacious walk-in wardrobe. Consider purchasing inexpensive clothing racks, which you can use to hang up your suits, dresses, and shirts and putting up shelving units which can house the rest of your clothes and accessories.

2. Choose to vacuum pack your clothes at the end of each season

At the end of each season, it’s well worth vacuum packing any clothes that you’re unlikely to use for several months. As clothes which have been vacuum packed will take up a fraction of the space as clothes which are stored as they are.

3. Make sure that you have staple pieces of clothing in a variety of neutral colors

It’s well worth investing in staple pieces of clothing in a variety of neutral colors. As an example, it’s a wise idea to purchase dark blue jeans, light blue jeans, white jeans and black jeans as well as purchasing a black blazer and a navy blazer.

While more colorful or patterned pieces of clothing may catch your eye when you shop, you’ll find it far easier to put together stylish outfits if you first make sure that you have staple pieces, in a variety of neutral colors.

4. Invest in high-quality accessories, in order to take your everyday outfits to the next level

In order to look classy and put together without breaking the bank, it’s well worth investing in high-quality accessories such as stylish wrist watches, dress shoes and jewelry pieces, which will elevate a classic outfit to the next level. As an example, if you pair a designer watch, sunglasses, and shoes with a basic pair of blue jeans and a white shirt, you’ll be sure to look chic and stylish without spending a small fortune.

5. Purchase the bulk of your clothes, during yearly sales

If you’d love to be able to dress from head to toe in your favorite brands, you’ll find that your budget will stretch further if you make the bulk of your purchases during major sales. As an example, you should find that clothes are significantly cheaper during Black Friday sales. Other public holidays which feature heavily reduced items include New Year’s day, the Fourth of July and Memorial Day.

6. Consider swapping items which you no longer need or want with your friends

Instead of giving your unwanted items to a thrift store, you may want to swap some of your unwanted items with your friends. As there is a high chance that they’ll be looking to get rid of clothes or accessories which catch your eye.

So if one of your goals is to build a workable wardrobe on a budget, it’s well worth paying attention to the 6 lifestyle tips listed above.

How to Take an Epic Trip Abroad: 6 Incredible Tips

If you have your heart set on planning the ultimate overseas trip, continue reading to discover 6 incredible tips which will ensure that your next international trip, is your best yet!

How to Take an Epic Trip Abroad: 6 Incredible Tips

1. Consider booking an adventurous cruise

If you assumed that cruises are best suited to retirees think again, by booking an inexpensive, all-inclusive cruise, you’ll be able to visit a wide variety of exciting destinations. Examples of which may include remote island destinations, which are usually hard to get to.

If you’re looking to get off the beaten tourist track and love the idea of waking up to see new islands outside your cabin window, it’s well worth searching for a cruise which boasts an action-packed, adventurous itinerary.

2. Consider booking a last minute vacation, to a brand new destination

If you have a thirst for adventure and are keen to travel to any new destination which boasts a sale, you may want to consider booking a last minute vacation to an exotic locale. As an example, if you own your own business or are able to get time off work at the drop of a hat, it’s well worth checking a last minute vacation site, to see which destinations offer incredible deals.

Who knows, you may end up falling in love with a destination, which you never considered visiting, before you picked up an incredible last minute vacation package.

3. Treat yourself to at least one, once in a lifetime opportunity

While it’s definitely worth pursuing free opportunities such as attending free local festivals or swimming at a world class beach, it’s also highly advisable to splurge on at least one, once in a lifetime opportunity per trip. As examples, you may want to budget for a hot air balloon over Luxor in Egypt or to pay to swim with dolphins in the Bahamas.

4. Find unique ways of getting from a to b

Instead of simply hiring a rental car or taking a bus from point a to point b, it’s well worth finding unique ways to travel throughout your chosen destination! As an example, you may want to travel on a high-speed bullet train in Japan or to book a ticket on a local ferry in order to explore a few picturesque Greek islands.

5. Make sure to travel with individuals who you get on well with

Never make the mistake of traveling with individuals, who you’re likely to get into disagreements with. As an example, if one of your friends is a picky eater and is likely to complain about having to eat foreign food, it’s well worth choosing a different travel companion. Instead, try to choose travel companions who share your travel style and preferences.

6. Use Trip Advisor to find out which attractions are worth visiting and which are worth avoiding at all costs

As your time abroad is limited, it pays to read other traveler’s reviews of the attractions which you’re interested in visiting, in order to see whether or not they are worth your time and money.

So if you want to ensure that your next trip abroad, is your best trip yet, it’s well worth taking the 6 pieces of advice listed above to heart.

5 Valuable Tips For Buying A House

If you’re interested in investing in a brand new property, continue reading to discover 5 valuable tips for buying a house.

5 Valuable Tips for Buying a House:

1. Tour as many properties as you can, in order to learn about the current state of the property market

While you may fall in love with the very first property which you come across, it’s well worth touring as many properties as you can. As the more properties you tour, the better idea you’ll get of what style of house, you can afford with your budget.

As an example, you may find that you’ll be able to make an offer on a 2 bedroom home in your ideal neighborhood or that you can purchase a larger 3-4 bedroom house in a neighborhood which is located further away from your dream area.

2. Consider bidding for a property at auction

If you’re interested in purchasing a property at a heavily discounted rate and are in no rush to purchase in a new home, you may want to consider bidding for a dream property at an auction. If you require a mortgage in order to purchase your dream home, just make sure to talk to your bank manager ahead of the first auction which you attend, in order to get

3. Ask yourself whether or not you’re comfortable purchasing a fixer upper

While many individuals are comfortable paying a premium, to move into a house which has recently been renovated and requires zero repairs, if you’re looking to purchase a house at an affordable, competitive rate, you may want to consider purchasing a fixer-upper.

While a fixer-upper may require a bit of TLC, you should expect your property’s house price to rise by a significant amount, after completing all of your repairs. As an example, if you spend $10,000 overhauling your kitchen and your bathroom, your house price may increase by $40,000. Which means that you’ll make a tidy profit if you ever choose to sell your property!

4. Consider purchasing one of the cheaper properties in a street or neighborhood

Another way that you can ensure that you purchase a home, which will increase in price over the next decade is to purchase one of the cheaper properties which may be listed for sale, in a street or neighborhood which you’re interested in relocating to.

5. Make sure to get an independent inspection completed, before signing a legally binding contract

If you find your dream house, your next step should be to hire an independent property inspector to complete a detailed report on the house which you’re interested in purchasing. As they may very well find faults, which should decrease the property’s asking price. As an example, while a house may seem structurally sound, it may, in fact, require expensive structural repairs, which you may not be able to afford.

So if you’re in the market to purchase a new property, it’s well worth keeping the 5 valuable property tips listed above in mind, when it comes time to search for the perfect property.

7 Key Tips For Success Revealed

Whether you’re interested in achieving great success in your career or your personal life, if you’re interested in unlocking the keys to success, simply continue reading to discovering 7 key tips for success!

7 Key Tips For Success Revealed:

1. Surround yourself with positive, supportive individuals

If you spend time with individuals who are threatened by your dreams or laugh at your goals, you’ll be far less likely to actively pursue your dreams than if you choose to surround yourself with positive, supportive individuals, who believe in your abilities and talents as well as your dreams.

2. Don’t be discouraged by failure

If you want to achieve phenomenal success, you need to become comfortable with experiencing failure. As one thing that all successful individuals have in common is the ability to pick themselves up after experiencing failure.

If you’re able to control your mindset, think positively and see each failure as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes, you’ll be far more likely to overcome any challenges which you’ll face on the road to achieving your long-term goals.

3. Continually set yourself new challenges

Every time you achieve one of your goals, make sure to set yourself a brand new challenge as successful individuals never rest on their laurels and continually look for exciting new challenges to take on.

4. Don’t put off tasks which you can start today

While it may be tempting to put off tasks, to complete at a later date, you’ll achieve success far quicker if you take small steps every day to reach your goals.

5. Make sure that your goals are realistic

While it’s important to dream big, without placing restrictions on what you can accomplish when it comes to writing down your short term and long term goals, it’s important to make sure that your goals are realistic. After all, if you set goals which are almost impossible to achieve, you’ll likely to get dissuaded by your lack of progress and may give up on your goals.

6. Learn how to network

Contrary to popular belief, in order to achieve high levels of success, you don’t have to be an expert at every task. Instead, it’s more beneficial to be able to network well and to be able to form connections with people who have the skills, which you need in order to meet your goals.

As an example, if you’re interested in launching a startup business, it’s not necessary to have IT skills to create a website for your business but it is useful to have business contacts, who can put you in contact with a talented web designer, whose work they can vouch for.

7. Make sure to treat yourself to regular timeout

While pursuing success takes a great deal of time and energy, if you don’t take time out to rest each week, you’ll be far more likely to burn out. Which can lead to negative long-term health problems such as depression!

So if you’re determined to achieve as much success as possible, it’s well worth implementing the 7 key success related tips listed above!

9 Reasons Why You Should Meditate On A Daily Basis

If you’re curious about some of the benefits associated with practicing meditation, on a regular basis, simply continue reading to discover 9 advantages of practicing meditation!

9 Reasons why you should meditate on a daily basis:

1. Meditating can help decrease your stress levels

A scientific study conducted at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center found that meditating for 25 minutes, 3 times a week, can decrease individuals’ stress levels by up to 40%. As when individuals meditate, the part of their brain which produces cortisol, which is a potentially harmful stress-related hormone, stops producing cortisol temporarily.

2. Practicing meditation can prevent the onset of headaches and migraines

If you frequently suffer from debilitating headaches or migraines, you may find that meditating may help alleviate your painful headaches and migraines. Without having to rely on pain medication.

3. Meditation can help increase your focus

If you frequently find that you find it difficult to focus on any one subject, for a given period of time, it’s well worth practicing meditation on a regular basis as in time you should find that your ability to focus improves. Which you’ll find useful when it comes to remembering important details and increasing your productivity levels.

4. You’ll be able to build better relationships

If you meditate on a daily basis, you’ll be less likely to pick fights with your friends, family members and colleagues as you’ll be less stressed on a day to day basis and will be more inclined to listen carefully to what your partner, friends, and family members are trying to tell you. Instead of misinterpreting their words.

5. Meditating can decrease your chances of experiencing a heart attack

By meditating a couple of times per week you can significantly decrease your chances of experiencing a life-threatening heart attack or stroke.

6. Practicing meditation can help you avoid burning out

If you lead a hectic lifestyle and often feel burnt out at the end of a stressful day, practicing meditation on a regular basis can prevent you from burning out. As you’ll be able to stay cool, calm and collected after a rejuvenating meditation session!

7. Meditating can help prevent long-term brain deterioration

If you want to significantly decrease your chances of experiencing long-term brain deterioration, it’s well worth practicing meditation. As an added benefit, meditation can help prevent Alzeihmers and early onset Dementia.

8. You’ll be better equipped to make wise, well thought out decisions

As a result of meditating on a regular basis, you should become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Which in turn will help you make wise, well thought out decisions. Instead of making rash decisions, which may result in negative long-term consequences.

9. You’ll be less likely to let your emotions control you

If your mood and behavior are frequently controlled by the emotions which you experience, by practicing meditation you’ll learn how to control your emotions, instead of letting your emotions control you!

It’s well worth practicing meditation on a daily basis, for all of the reasons listed above!